Thursday, 3 December 2009

ShopSavvy doesn't work on Android T-Mobile Pulse

One of the highly recommended applications on Android is ShopSavvy. Apparently this lets you use the phone's camera to scan barcodes of products, and then tells you the best prices to buy them, both locally and on the 'Net.

Sounds good, but doesn't work on my Pulse :-(

However, the excellent Paul at MoDaCo has produced a custom rom based on the French U8230 version of this phone, which fixes the problem. (For those not wishing to root their phone, ShopSavvy have been told by the phone manufacturer that a new ROM image has been supplied to T-Mobile, so just wait patiently!)

So I'm loading it now - for full instructions see - but use instead of

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am looking into picking up one of these handsets myself and I stumbled across your blog whilest doing the research.

I have conducted a little research on the matter also, I believe the official updates listed here on the Android tab fix the problem. Although, without a device to hand I cannot confirm it.

I haven't yet seen anyone discuss developing and deploying applications using the Pulse, have you given it a try?

I have used Java for a couple of years and am eager to find out what peoples experiences are with Pulse-based development.

Great blog, keep up the fine work.