Thursday, 3 December 2009

U8230 MoDaCo ROM makes ShopSavvy work on Android T-Mobile Pulse

Well, I installed the U8230 MoDaCo ROM, and it sort of worked.

Unfortunately, things (especially the front screen) kept crashing.

However, after advice from the nice MoDaCo people, I did a factory reset...
  • Use the Quick Boot app to go into recovery mode
  • Allow the root shell access when the prompt comes up
  • Choose the factory reset option
  • When the system restarts it will come up with the standard French options - go into Settings/Locale and text/Select locale and choose English.
  • I found I had to reboot the phone again to make that setting take properly.
  • Now you have to reinstall all your apps (but, if you go to Market, My downloads, they are all listed ready to install). I have installed CoPilot Live (paid for), but it downloaded and installed OK, and re-registered fine.

Because this version of the ROM has moved Google Maps into the data partition (to save space), the factory reset removed it (as it wipes the data partition). So I then had to reinstall the update again. I would advise factory resetting before installing this ROM.

There are some good things about this ROM though:

  • ShopSavvy can use the camera like it should (the old version just showed a black screen).
  • Google contacts will sync OK (even if you add people to your Favorites).

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