Saturday, 19 February 2011

CentOs and USB 3.0

I run CentOs 5 as a host operating system for VMWare Workstation, and use a VM client as my main working environment.
I was finding backing up my environment to be a slow and painful process using USB2 disks, or the Gigabit network card.
I read that USB 3.0 was much faster, and that Linux was the first O/S to support it, so I bought a controller card and disk.
Then I found CentOs didn't support it :-(
I was encouraged by the nice people at el-repo to try their experimental kernel for CentOs, and, after a lot of messing about, I managed to get it booted, and accessing the USB 3 disk. However, I couldn't also use their fglrx ATI Radeon driver at the same time (it only works with the stock CentOs kernel). As dual monitor support is vital to me, I gave up, and finally abandoned CentOs.

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